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I'm Amy and I've been involved in politics for over 15 years as a campaigner, a staffer and now as a government relations director. I've also worked as a creative director, freelance writer and web-designer. These worlds all collide here at Pink Granite. Over the years I've managed to transition from state to state, build relationships and advance a career in politics despite the hurdles a cross-country move (or 4!) can bring to this business. You can read more by visiting my very first post here.

Pink Granite is one small corner of the internet that I hope will help other women building careers in government affairs through interviews with like-minded women, resource sharing, Texas tips and just the right amount of frivolous banter.

Pink Granite is a personal project and never reflects the views of my employer.



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Please use the form below to send announcements, feature ideas or requests for collaboration. Feel free to also just say hi! You can also email me directly at info@pinkgranitetexas.com

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I occasionally get asked for resumes from colleagues, staffers, etc. If you’re seeking a position in government, policy or government relations in Texas please feel free to reach out or email your resume to info@pinkgranitetexas.com. Additionally, I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to Christine’s List for up to date Texas job postings.

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