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Job Alert: Grant Manager for the Texas Alliance of Boys and Girls Club

Occasionally job postings are sent my way and I always want to share the great positions I am hearing about - but since this isn’t a job board site I will be classifying them under “professional development” here on the site.


This posting comes to me from the Texas Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs and you can access the position posting here.

Grant Manager

Requisition Number 2019-3942


Under the supervision of the Director of Operations, Texas Alliance, the Nutrition Grant Manager is responsible for the project management of the USDA - Texas Department of Agriculture’s CACFP & SFSP Programs for snack and meals and the coordination of other Nutrition Programs as assigned.


  • Collaborate with individual Club organizations to ensure they meet the requirements for statewide USDA grant funding

  • Ensure the timely, accurate and professional preparation of all correspondence, reports, spreadsheets, presentation materials, travel arrangements, expense reports to meet the needs of the statewide USDA grant

  • Create and track budgets for assigned statewide USDA grant

  • Lead and oversee the development and all invoices, PO’s and check requests for assigned USDA grant and ensure they are written and submitted in a timely manner

  • Lead and oversee the implementation of procedures to train, support and monitor local feeding sites including but not limited to coordinating vended services, claims preparation and submission, and menu production

  • Provide training to local feeding sites on successful implementation of USDA feeding programs

  • Maintain accurate records, both physical and electronic, to ensure adequate documentation is available at all times that demonstrates responsible use of USDA funds

  • Develop and maintain positive and professional relationships with state agency and USDA regional staff leadership as well as local Club staff

  • Work closely with other staff and potential partners to further other Nutrition initiatives

  • Be capable of driving personal and rental cars, using a navigation system and traveling independently, often in rural areas of TX and along the border

  • Supervise staff as needed




Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university or a minimum of five years’ work experience in non-profit program management or an equivalent combination of experience and education.


Minimum of five years’ experience in youth development programs, preferably local Boys & Girls Clubs and extensive knowledge of the Federal Grant process preferred. Minimum three years of experience in complex project management, managing operations and administrative tasks.


Requires strong leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and a willingness and ability to travel an estimated 50% of time. Computer skills and experience in Microsoft Office. Strong project management, administrative and organizational skills. Must be detail oriented and enjoy working in a diverse environment.

                  Environment and Working Conditions:

                  Office is located in West Austin; however this position has the option of telecommuting when, and if, beneficial and approved. Regular presence in the Austin office is required. Individual selected for this position must be able to successfully be cleared for work through a comprehensive national criminal, child abuse/neglect and DFPS history check.

                  Physical and Mental Requirements:

                 High energy, motivated, confident, and creative; great attention to detail and accuracy in reports; ability to work for prolonged periods at high levels of activity, standing up and bending over; managing multiple tasks with varying deadlines; ability to exchange clearly and concisely, ideas and facts, both verbal and written.

Annie's List Campaign School Applications Open
campaign school.png

Annie’s List 2019 Campaign School applications are now open.

From a recent AL promotion:

Campaign School is the best way to learn the strategy and skills needed to work on successful political races in Texas. This four-day intensive training will connect you with political strategists, Texas-based operatives, and progressives just like you looking to make a difference.

When: August 9 - August 12, 2019

Where: Capitol Factory - Dallas, TX

Deadline: Apply by 11:59pm CST, Friday, July 12.

Participants will learn to:

•Develop and implement field strategies
•Fundraise and adhere to compliance regulations
•Lead through stressful and high-stakes situations
•Effectively communicate campaign messages
•Work with Democratic allies and vendors
•Engage volunteers and supporters to achieve goals

If you are looking to level-up your work to elect progressive women, Campaign School is the place for you!


Limited, partial scholarships are available. Please submit completed scholarship applications to our Program Coordinator, Ana Harris, at

Texas Lyceum Class of 2020 Applications Open
texas lyceum.jpg

Are you familiar with Texas Lyceum? I’m a bit embarrassed about how long it took for me to learn about the Lyceum’s work given the number of impressive alumni that have come through this program.

Forty years ago a group of young Texans came together to form the organization based on the ideas of nonpartisan, nonpolitical and non-adversarial discussions to solve the problems facing the state of Texas. Today, the Lyceum has grown to a group of 96 “Directors”, each Texans who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their local communities and also statewide.

You may be familiar with the Lyceum’s annual poll, or with many of its famous alumni including President George W. Bush, Senators Ted Cruz and Kay Bailey Hutchison, and even Governors Rick Perry and Greg Abbott. Don’t let those big red R’s fool you though - the Lyceum is completely non-partisan and focuses on balance when seeking new directors. This is just Texas ya’ll so the big names are the big names.

Directors serve three year terms and an application process for new directors opens up every year. A director’s term within the Lyceum begins on January 1st of the year and the term cannot begin on or after that person’s 46th birthday. If my Google analytics and Instagram Insights are accurate - most of you lovely readers easily qualify this demographic.

As of Friday, the application process for The Texas Lyceum's Class of 2020 Directors is now open!

Applications are available online and letters of recommendation from existing and/or past Directors are required and are due on or before September 1, 2019. You’ll need to be nominated by a current member or alumni. You can search for who those people are here and here for alumni.


Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Sanjay Ramabhadran, the current Lyceum President, about the application process and any helpful information he could share with any Pink Granite readers interested in the program. Note: these are not verbatim interview responses - just my takeaways from our conversation as well as key information pulled from the Lyceum website.

How many new directors are accepted every year?

The Texas Lyceum comprises a 96-member Board of Directors from across the state of Texas. Directors each roll off at staggered terms, or due to other life events and commitments. This means that every year the number of vacancies varies and therefore your likelihood of acceptance may also change. Sanjay did not disclose EXACTLY how many vacancies there are for 2020.

What type of candidate is the Lyceum looking for?

It’s important to remember that the Lyceum has age restrictions but also seeks to be representative of the geography, industries and various political affiliations within the state. SO depending on who is rolling of the Board of Directors this may also affect a certain region of the state where representation is needed. The example given was, if we have two directors from Midland and they both leave in the same year, we’ll be keeping an eye out for another director from Midland to maintain representation from that region of the state.

A key takeaway from my conversation with Sanjay and other Directors I’ve talked to, is to remember that the Lyceum is rebuilding it’s board every year. And the needs of that current board varies from year to year - as a result, if you apply but are not accepted it is important to keep applying.

It is incredibly rare to be accepted your first year and many directors apply as many as 5-6 times before being accepted. Where decisions may come down to one very competitive candidate vs. another in a certain year, the Lyceum may choose to accept a candidate that lives in an underrepresented area of the state or even the one that is closer to his or her 46th birthday. Try not to feel discouraged if you aren’t selected after your first application.

Additionally - it is encouraged that a prospective director have attended a Lyceum meeting in the past. While not always advertised, anyone may attend the Lyceum quarterly meetings if as an INVITED GUEST of a current director. There is usually one public conference or meeting each year which will be posted online. Go learn, network and mingle so when your application comes up for consideration more current Directors know who you are. This is also important for you as an applicant to better understand the organization you’re seeking to join.

What are the obligations of membership?

Lyceum Directors meet four times each year in quarterly meetings across the state. The topic and format of each meeting varies, but the meetings address timely topics through expert presentations and interaction between Lyceum Directors. For example, this year’s meetings will take place in Montreal (yes, Canada), in College Station and in the Big Bend Region.

The Lyceum adheres to a strict attendance policy: Directors must attend at least five quarterly meetings during a consecutive two-year period, and least two of these meetings must be in one calendar year.

There is also a $1,250 financial commitment for membership which includes registration for these quarterly meetings among other expenses. Directors are responsible for their personal travel and hotel costs at meetings. Something to consider if you’re applying for 2020 membership.

A big thank you to Sanjay Ram for his time last week in helping me gain a greater understanding of the interview process for Texas Lyceum in hopes that many of you will apply and be accepted! If you’d like to learn more visit the Texas Lyceum website and follow the Lyceum on Instagram to see pictures from its incredible schedule of meetings.

Texas GOP Seeking Spring Interns

Below find a cut and paste of a recent email seeking candidates for internships with the Texas GOP.

Interns needed.png


Dear Texas Republican,

We all know that if we fail to reach the next generation with Republican principles, we lose the Texas we love. That’s why I’m reaching out to you for help.

One way that I connect with young people is through the RPT internship program. Our interns are a vital part of our work at our Austin headquarters and at regional centers in Dallas, Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, and remotely. The Party thrives on the assistance of college students who volunteer their time in exchange for learning Party process, honing office skills, and gaining valuable political experience.

I’m looking for capable college-age individuals who’d like to join our team as interns. Do you know someone who might be interested?

Interns work with staff on projects such as engagement, communications, fundraising, data, polling, policy implementation, event planning, and community outreach. Many receive college credit for their work. Our interns consistently comment on how much value they receive in their time with us.

Will you forward this email to anyone who needs to know about this opportunity?

Here’s what previous interns have to say:

“Interning at the Republican Party of Texas was one of the most rewarding things that could have happened to me this summer.” (Mason, Texas State University)

“The Republican Party of Texas allowed me to gain more experience in communications, event planning, and relationship building.” (Josh, University of Texas)

“[The Republican Party] welcomed and helped me to incorporate to this united team. I have worked in a healthy, political environment analyzing and planning events, as well as learning and discussing legislative and statewide issues to promote a better Texas for your future.” (Leonardo)

“Most importantly, I discovered that young people like myself can not only find their place in politics, but also create change within it.” (Marco)

Help us keep Republican values strong in Texas for the generations to come!

For Texas,

Rachel Malone
Operations Director
Republican Party of Texas

Government Magazine's Women In Government Webinar

I love Governing Magazine. I have geeked out over this magazine since 2007 when I started working for a City Council Member in Houston, and I just learned that they have a very unique Women in Government program that was worth a share!

This program is aimed toward existing female policy-makers and local officials and focuses on giving these women the tools necessary to recruit and mentor other women to run for office. It's pretty interesting, former Houston Mayor Annise Parker is an alum and Harris County DA Kim Ogg has been named to the 2018 class.

If you'd like to learn more, watch the latest webinar here. Of course their webpage is incredible as well if you're really into women working it at the state and local level.

"Abbott University" Training Session
abbott university.jpg

The Travis County Republican Party will host Governor Greg Abbott's campaign for "Abbott University" training on Tuesday, September 26.

The session will be held at the TCRP headquarters at 9420 Research Blvd., Echelon III, Ste. 200-2G, Austin, TX 78759 from 6pm - 9pm. 

This comprehensive training will cover four important topics every grassroots activist should know:

Mobile Voter Contact Technology
Social Media
Voter Registration Tactics and Tips
Organization Building

The Abbott campaign will be providing pizza for attendees.

RSVP HEREReserve your spot today! Please Contact Taylor Mattox at (501) 804-9644 if you have any questions.

5 State Legislative Conferences to Attend this Summer

One way to build relationships with policy makers and staffers during the interim is to travel to one or many of the various state legislative conferences that occur during the summer months.  There are many options depending on where you live, how much time you have and even your political leanings or special interests. Do a thorough review of each event website in order to decipher if a specific conference would be a good fit for your goals.

Major policy initiatives are often shared within the walls of these conference centers. When you hear a legislator say during session, "Utah is piloting XYZ..." it is likely that information was learned at one of these conferences and got someone's wheels turning locally. The information may also get your wheels turning as an advocate.

The downside is that many of these conferences will cost over a thousand dollars to attend, NOT including your flight or accommodations.  However, for a week of guaranteed face time and interaction with fellow politicos - you may find the cash well worth the networking opportunity.  Some conferences also offer special pricing for early registration, students or staffers.

If you're strapped for cash and have some connections in your state, you can also consider visiting the host city and piggy backing onto certain social aspects of the conference - without actually registering for the daytime events. This includes happy hour events, dinners out or even sponsoring receptions connected to the event. Not ideal for developing your policy chops and I'm sure NOT preferred by event planners - but regardless, it's an option.

Here are just a few of the conferences coming up this summer. Please comment with any I may have missed - and maybe I'll see you there!

  • National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, 34th Annual Conference

    • June 22-24 in Dallas TX

    • Visit NALEO LIVE to view streaming sessions this weekend.

  • American Legislative Exchange Council, 44th Annual Meeting

    • July 19-21 in Denver, CO

    • Looking at the agenda here, this event has an extensive schedule with policy discussions ranging from opioid abuse, transparency and safety in oil and gas regulation, access to dental services in Medicaid, school choice and more. NOTE THAT DUE TO THE SPECIAL SESSION HERE IN TEXAS STARTING THE DAY BEFORE, VERY FEW TEXANS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND.

  • The Council of State Governments Southern Legislative Conference

    • July 29 - August 2 in Biloxi, MS

    • CSG holds it's annual meetings by region and Texas is in the Southern Region for the organization. Learn more here.

  • National Conference of State Legislatures, 2017 Legislative Summit

    • August 6-9 in Boston, MA

    • Check out the highlights of the agenda here. I'm looking forward to the session, "Communicate to Succeed."

  • Women in Government, National Legislative Forum

    • September 14-16 in Savannah, GA

    • Register here. This southern gal is REALLY looking for an excuse to attend this one!

I've also listed these conferences on the Upcoming Event page.