The Burn Book of Bad Men at the Texas Capitol

Photo from    Red Bubble

Photo from Red Bubble

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Now that the business is out of the way - let's discuss the REAL business. Have you seen the Daily Beast article about the Texas Capitol's "Burn Book of Bad Men"? Yikesabee. 

While reading I was heartbroken for "Rebecca" who was interviewed. I believe her account, I think her story is absolutely true and unfortunately not as rare as I would hope. Luckily, I have not faced this in my own career. I have absolutely experienced discrimination, been called names, and had other issues as a young female working in politics. But I've never found myself in one of these inexcusable situations from a man that I worked with or legislator I've lobbied. There is no reason this is the case - I truly believe I've just dodged the POS bullet.

I don't know who "Rebecca" is or who else may have had to contribute to this list.  But I want to thank them for doing something to help their fellow staffers when it seemed as if there were so few options to stand up for yourself. 

My hope that articles such as the Daily Beast's will lead to real change and that young women will come into their careers in politics understanding unequivocally that such behavior is not okay and that she has the power to speak up, leave the job AND that her career will continue to thrive after she does. And maybe his won't.

Additionally - I want to also offer a very sincere thanks to the men that I currently and have previously worked with and that have been some of my best advocates in my career. Honestly - I have had more male mentors than not, and each has and continues to be appropriate, supportive and engaged in my success. So slow clap to the men that get it and live it - may they continue to educate their colleagues and raise their young men accordingly.

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