Pink Granite Poll: Business Casual and Blue Jeans
Photo:    Mamamia

Photo: Mamamia

My mother always told me it was better to be overdressed than under-dressed for any occasion. I’m a real firm believer in this policy… until you find me in black tights at Target. I know they aren’t pants. I know. Let me live!

But when in a professional environment I try to stick to my guns on dress codes. I’m still learning every day and like anyone else my style and opinions/interpretations evolve. So we’ll start this first Pink Granite Poll in what I think is a bit of a lay-up.

FOR WOMEN - Are blue jeans considered business casual?

I don’t mean “casual Friday” I’m asking in situations where you are invited to a meeting and the email reads “Attire: Business Casual”

I’ve fiercely debated a friend over this recently and would love your vote in the comments.

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First Reading, 2018 vol. 19

I’ll be trotting over to Atlanta today - and in a shocking turn of events I’ve actually pre-organized some blog posts for the group. I think this is what “real” bloggers do so I’m giving it a whirl. So if you see something you like this week please do let me know - use that comments section. And if by the time Girl Friday rolls around and some global crisis or (additional) natural disaster occurs, a sink hole swallows the pink dome, etc. you’ll know why I don’t mention it. I’m not clueless or insensitive, I’m just writing these on Sat-ur-day.

So here we go:

  • An opinion piece on why Bobby Jindal is no Nikki Haley, here. And other piece on how her stock is rising since leaving the Trump Administration. Does anyone else wonder if her “campaigning for his one…” remark could be as a potential VP pick?

  • Al Jazeera says the U.S. is behind when it comes to women in politics. Here.

  • The politics of men v. women in the ‘burbs. Where do you stand?

  • This article credits (now) Justice Kavanaugh with tipping the balance of SCOTUS clerks to majority-female.

  • Julie Oliver volunteers are well-canvassing my neighborhood. Did you know TX Congressional District 25 stretches from Central Austin all the way up to Fort Worth? That’s democracy my friends. Here’s a link the Austin Chronicle’s recent interview with Oliver.

  • Here’s a good reminder that “up” Isn’t always the best way to move in your career. It’s not a ladder it’s a jungle gym. Via Quartz.

  • Meet the first openly gay female CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Her first job was the very best. Spoiler it was shucking corn. Via Money. What was your first job? Mine was McDonald’s!

  • Are you a people pleaser? Even at work? Here’s an interesting argument for not giving away credit for your own good work. Perhaps one of the most uncomfortable things in the world. Via the Ladders. Also from the Ladders, how to surround yourself with supportive women.

  • And finally - just for fun, would you ever wear a full on hot pink suit? Here’s one that’s very affordable from JCP if it’s your thing a la Busy Philipps. Have you read her new book? It’s on my list!

Pink Granite Party Pictures

September’s Pink Granite Party was a delight. I think everyone got a little something out of it - even if that little something was a new friendly face under the pink dome. And we all know how important those can be. I hope you’ll plan to join us for the next event. Sign up here to get first news of each Pink Granite Party.

Today Was a Strange Day
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As Slate says, Christine Blasey Ford fan art is the only good thing on the internet today. Whether you’re unpacking the Supreme Court nomination, scratching your head about allegations against certain members of the Texas Senate - it’s been a weird day and week.

If you’re struggling because someone did something to you once that’s flooding back during the news cycle, I hope you will be able to find reassurance in our system soon and most of all peace. Let’s everyone be kind to one another this weekend okay?

Senator Flake’s name no longer appears on the list of speakers for the Texas Tribune Festival this weekend. There are votes occurring and discussions to be had I suppose. Will you be attending the festival? There are so many great events lined up but I’ll likely be watching most via the live streams.

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