Today Was a Strange Day

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 6.43.19 PM.png

As Slate says, Christine Blasey Ford fan art is the only good thing on the internet today. Whether you’re unpacking the Supreme Court nomination, scratching your head about allegations against certain members of the Texas Senate - it’s been a weird day and week.

If you’re struggling because someone did something to you once that’s flooding back during the news cycle, I hope you will be able to find reassurance in our system soon and most of all peace. Let’s everyone be kind to one another this weekend okay?

Senator Flake’s name no longer appears on the list of speakers for the Texas Tribune Festival this weekend. There are votes occurring and discussions to be had I suppose. Will you be attending the festival? There are so many great events lined up but I’ll likely be watching most via the live streams.

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