Girl Friday, 2018 vol. 5

Ready for the weekend? Is this the "official" end of summer? Can I wear tights next week? That's all I really need to know. When are tights acceptable again?

Some friends and I will be saying goodbye to summer by roasting at a resort in Scottsdale this weekend - celebrating a bride to be. I wish I was one of those bloggers that could share with you the adorable swimsuits that I hunted down and look amazing in, or the custom embroidered hats we'll all be wearing etc. But the real truth of it all is that I think I have 2 swimsuits I can wear. Both are full coverage, a one piece and a tankini. 

Also - I'll be headed to Nordstrom this afternoon to buy the bride a gift for the lingerie shower, just about 12 hours before my departure. Because I plan ahead. I joke but it will be very fun, massages, blow-outs and cocktails galore. 

Everyone I know is talking about Sephora right now. I didn't know it was a thing - this big Sephora sale but I can brag about unloading a bunch of cash on them last week because that's when all of my makeup ran out. Does that happen to you? Everything runs out at the same time? I don't buy much makeup but when I do I feel like it all comes at once.

Here's what I picked up:

The Naked 2 palette is probably one of the store's most popular items and they finally got me on it. I haven't purchased eyeshadow since before my daughter was born and she's almost 4 so I think I was due for the $54 splurge. But I'll admit I put it back once or twice before finally grabbing it on my way to the check out counter.

Now that I have it, I'm so glad I do. For some reason it feels refreshing to have new colors to play with and not to relegate yourself to whatever the next brown is in your old palette - the color you never would have used 12 months ago is now your daily shade. Doesn't feel right. Starting over does. Maybe this one will last me another 4 years.

I also picked up my favorite overnight cream posted about here, and the perfect foundation for my skin tone here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 11.14.13 AM.png

I can't stress enough the value I have found in going into Sephora once or twice a year and letting them do their little computer scan on your face for identifying your perfect foundation shade. Foundation is completely intimidating to me and the lovely teenagers at Sephora always talk me off the ledge when I come in. I always leave with a product that works great for what my face needs at that time of year and it's never what I would have picked on my own.

In other girly news I used a job interview as an excuse to do some major shopping last weekend. Here's what I found along the way:

This red dress and suit jacket from Brooks Brothers. What do we think? Can I pull of a red on red suit? I didn't wear it for my interview because 1. it didn't arrive in time for my flight but 2. the bright red may have been seen as a bit aggressive. Now it's hanging in my closet and I'm deliberating. It's more than $100 off what I paid, so regardless I'll be headed to the store to get my price adjustment later today. FYI - Brooks Brothers will give you 10 days to adjust a price with receipt.

Let's also discuss Theory Suits. I've never been into their Domain location but man, those gals got me. I came out with this long blazer, which has a crazy good cut if you can get used to the length, as well as silk shell I never knew I needed and the matching pencil skirt. I'm also debating going back for the pants to match.

The women that work in the store are so friendly, patient and knowledgable about what their products are made out of and how they are made. For me they offered honesty in the dressing room and suggestions that I never would have considered and ended up buying. Basically they are good at their sales jobs. So you've been warned.

The cut of the long blazer is a bit trendy but looks great on and should last forever. I'm very excited about my new pieces. Plus the dressing rooms smelled like a spa and had cocktail hour lighting which I'm always on board with.

Until next week, happy #GirlFriday. It's lunch time and I'm off to adjust some receipts and buy some unmentionables.