Friday Snuck Up on Me...

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I'm in New Orleans for the ALEC Meeting. You can learn more about that here, the meeting is in Austin next year. Last year I wrote a post about the meetings you should consider attending in the interim, I dropped the ball for 2018 but you can revisit the list here.

On my flight from Austin 458,982 of my closest friends in the #txlege were also on board. Only 54,991 jokes were made about "if this plane goes down..." 

But yes, here we are at Friday and it's been a week since we've been together. Someone at dinner last night recognized me from the blog and I got both incredibly excited and awkward all at the same time. So to her I'm sorry - she knows who she is and I hope she's still reading after meeting me one gin and tonic in.

I'm applying for a promotion at work and that's been the real time suck this week. I will legitimately sit in front of a cover letter for 5 hours. It's not my best quality, don't even ask how long it took me to update my resume. In related news, here's an interesting article on a few questions you should ask before saying yes to a promotion. Spoiler alert - I will say yes.

In all efforts to become Kate Middleton I've had my eye on the L.K. Bennett Sledge heel for years. Unfortunately I also spotted that $345 price tag. In yet another instance of the universe looking out for me - when I decided to finally pull the trigger, L.K. Bennett's shipping system in the US crashed. Or something. Regardless they cannot ship orders to me period. Never deterred, I started looking at department stores and other online retailers and stumbled on a pair from Poshmark that were floor samples and only $95. The downside here is that you cannot return them - but with some online research I read that this brand runs small and to order up a half size so I was prepared. They fit great, still had the tag on the bottom and actually to be new are wearing like a dream. I've tromped all over NOLA in them and there's barely even a dent in the heel tips. I love my Ann Taylor Mila heels (half off right now!) but I'm thinking there is something to be said about getting what you pay for.

Here's some real news:

I may dabble over the weekend but will for sure be back next week with a new interview (or two!).