Girl Friday, 2018 vol. 3

Girl Friday.png

It's 105 degrees out but in 1 hour it will be the weekend my friends! I had a lovely lunch at epicerie with Pink Granite alum Alyse Meyer (read her interview here). I ventured beyond the borders of my comfort zone and tried the salmon toast. It was very very tasty and I took a photo to prove to my husband that I ate it. He's the healthy one - toasts usually fall within his domain.

salmon toast.jpg

Have you heard that Wildfang is selling "I really care, don't u?" jackets and the money goes to RAICES. Needless to say ZARA missed that boat, although the trolliness of it all is more a Wildfang move. Kudos to them.

But enough politics! Girl Friday is for the unnecessary.

This weekend wraps up a massively expensive home renovation that the Mr. and I have completed on a rental property (anyone need a house in South Austin?) and to celebrate I want to buy myself something that doesn't need to be installed at a 20% markup or eventually painted white.  In reality I'll be waiting until we get a renter in to truly celebrate with any purchases but here's what I'm dreaming about for when that sweet sweet day comes:

camilia dress.JPG

Reiss is having a big sale right now and I specifically need a gray dress for my sister's upcoming wedding. I'm not in the wedding but I need to coordinate as the mother of the flower girl and all. I know what you're thinking, I am basically Kate Middleton in this entire affair. 

Speaking of the Reiss sale I also love this blazer for more wintery times, these nude kitten heels for anytime, and this pink number for a date night.

Speaking of the royals - Town and Country's instagram account tells me that Meghan Markle wears this lipstick so now I think I need it too.


I do love the tool on Charlotte Tilbury's website that let's you see a lipstick on a similar skin tone to yours. As a rule I actually never buy lipstick online and wouldn't advise you to do so either.  Unless Meghan Markle wears it too.

Until next Friday...