Sighs of Relief

Austin Club Fire photo via the Statesman

Austin Club Fire photo via the Statesman

Thanks to President Trump signing an executive order to stop separating babies from the parents along the border I may sleep a bit more soundly tonight. And if we're being honest my kid will be relieved that mommy doesn't need so many hugs tonight.

Let's all debate whose fault it was offline - at least (I hope) it stops. If you want to help raise money for the defense fund of those that lost their kids in the first place visit here to learn more. No words my friends, this is America in 2018.

In other non-important news, I put out a call for RSVPs for our very first Pink Granite Party yesterday. The event is in September and I honestly thought it might take 3 months to wrangle up 26 ladies to come have lunch with me and the slots filled in 4 hours. 4 hours folks. I feel a bit silly but extremely prepared now.  So I hope you made it in. I can't change the venue or Josephine's will keep my deposit, but we'll for sure schedule many more in the future now that I realize you're all into the idea.  We also have a waiting list set up for the September event just in case. Find that here. 

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