Tuesday Tidbits

Well Tuesday, my juice cleanse is officially over and I'm surviving off a diet of Coke Zero and chocolate rice cakes. Could be worse.

Last night's accomplishments included ordering my father some ribeye's from Taste of Texas for Fathers Day (don't worry, he wouldn't be caught dead reading a blog) and making a video of my kid as a hotdog on JibJab. Don't ask - she's three. Additionally, I conducted a slight purge of the folks that I follow on my personal Instagram account. In an effort to maintain my own mental health I removed accounts that either make me question my own worth (most notably celebrities that aren't funny) or accounts that just make me want to shop online for things I don't need.  Basically all the dogs and Austin restaurants get to stay. Friends are there for life, and Chrissy Teigan too.

I've discovered that I LITERALLY cannot spell or type proficiently anymore.  The iPhone, auto correct and the internet itself are all conspiring to kill my brain cells - or at least the ones that know the difference between "not" and "now" or "through" and "though." I ask for your forgiveness during this troubling time. I'll work it out.

My friends are all afraid to talk to me out of fear that I may steal their wallets in the name of cancer research. Luckily for all of us Saturday is the grand finale of my campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's 2018 Woman of the Year. Learn more about that here.