Girl Friday, 2018 vol. 1

New series alert! As soon as I'm able to procure a snazzy header image, you'll all be the first to see it.  GIRL Friday is the new safe space for the glossy, fluffy, perhaps frivolous content that we all need leading into the weekend.

So let's get to it.

None of us are over the Royal Wedding, so why pretend? Last night I watched this old interview with Meghan Markle and she is an effing delight.  I've never watched Suits or Craig Ferguson for that matter, but the way she handles Ferguson's general creepiness while remaining warm and endearing is a lesson to all of us. I also enjoyed this opinion piece from the New Yorker on Doria Ragland.


In the world of Instagram accounts you should be following, I give you @ObviousButAmazing. You will thank me later. It's not about the pictures it's about the captions.

obvious but amazing.JPG

The constant struggle to fake it til I make it resumes. I joined Rent the Runway's unlimited plan yesterday.  I'm probably not supposed to tell you that - forget I said anything if you see me out looking amazing and never in the same dress twice.

My first order is full of rompers - I've decided that's the only responsible way to wear them... on loan.


Finally, last night I started reading the Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and it's already hard at work in my head. If you're too busy or uninterested in reading you can watch Sarah's TED talk here and you'll get the point.

not sorry method.JPG

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, take a moment to remember those who gave everything they had for freedom and perhaps take a moment to drop a comment here and let me know what you think of this GIRL Friday thing.