First Reading, 2018 vol. 4

first reading (black).png

Allow me to interrupt your afternoon web browsing with a new look around Pink Granite. I've ditched the blush and bashful scheme for something a little bolder and hot pink. Sorry for those men out there looking over their shoulder while reading at work or trying to scroll just enough to not be caught reading a blog that starts with an admittedly in-your-face "pink." To the ladies - you're welcome.

So much is going on there is no way to ever keep track of it all but here's a round up on news clips that are interesting for our purposes. If you haven't already checked it out please also consider reading my Q & A with Jenifer Sarver here. She's running for Congress and has a great perspective on civility and collaboration in Congress (gasp!).

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Now - on to the good stuff.

Amy Whited