You Should Smile...

claire underwood.jpg

… and other unsolicited advice that makes me want to walk away in the middle of a conversation.

I consider myself a pretty friendly and happy person. And sometimes, some can’t help themselves. And usually it’s people who have known me for an entire 2 minutes if at all. And just to be crystal clear, a woman has N-E-V-E-R said this to me. Ever. Not women I’ve known for 5 minutes, not women I’ve known for 5 years.


I feel better now.

Here are some good articles that may make you smile. Or not. I don’t need you to smile to make me feel better about how our conversation is going.

  • Republicans are massively out-raised this quarter according to Politico.

  • Do you prevent your child from watching certain Disney movies? Here’s what Keira Knightly draws the line on. Via the Ellen Show and Fox News. What a combination.

  • “Thank God it’s Friday - I’m kidding, I’m a parent.” and other times working moms have owned Twitter via Buzz Feed.

  • We all know you can be a pro-choice Republican but can you really be an anti-abortion Democrat? One candidate is testing the theory via the NYT.

  • An oldie but interesting article behind the psychology of Claire Underwood - which I found while searching for a perfect RBF photo for this post.