Pink Granite Poll: Business Casual and Blue Jeans

Photo:    Mamamia

Photo: Mamamia

My mother always told me it was better to be overdressed than under-dressed for any occasion. I’m a real firm believer in this policy… until you find me in black tights at Target. I know they aren’t pants. I know. Let me live!

But when in a professional environment I try to stick to my guns on dress codes. I’m still learning every day and like anyone else my style and opinions/interpretations evolve. So we’ll start this first Pink Granite Poll in what I think is a bit of a lay-up.

FOR WOMEN - Are blue jeans considered business casual?

I don’t mean “casual Friday” I’m asking in situations where you are invited to a meeting and the email reads “Attire: Business Casual”

I’ve fiercely debated a friend over this recently and would love your vote in the comments.

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