Personal Privilege, 2018 vol. 1


Welcome to a new and more organized way to share a round-up of what's interesting me outside of the Texas Capitol.

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My husband calls it my "old lady show" and I don't mind one bit.

Grace and Frankie on Netflix has me hooked. It's such a great reminder to focus on what's important in life, including your female friendships, and having a little fun along the way.


I've had my eyes on a Lingua Franca embroidered cashmere sweater for some time now. After receiving an unexpected bonu$ at work last month I decided it was time for the splurge and I'm so happy I did.  It may be hard to decide which design you'd like with topics ranging from "I Miss Barack" to what I selected, "Can't fake the funk."  Each sweater is completely customizable - mine is a light pink sweater with red embroidery. If you're in the market I would size up - my medium is perfectly sized for me but I'm normally a small or baggy medium.

For a customized piece it shipped very quickly. Plus they have kids sizes!!

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I am responsible for managing government relations activities in 7 states - mostly in the Southwest. This past week I had the fortune of "having" to travel to Santa Fe for some meetings and a trip to the New Mexico Capitol. It was my first trip to Santa Fe and I was smitten as most are. I stayed at the Hotel St. Francis which is right on the plaza and easy walking to most things in the area. I can best equate it to staying at a James Avery store if that makes sense to the Texans reading.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a centrally located and affordable spot in town.


It took me long enough, but I finally started, and then quickly finished Katy Tur's Unbelievable.

I received this book after attending the Texas Tribune fundraising dinner where Tur was the guest of honor. She now hosts her own news program on MSNBC.

It's such a balance personal account of the events that transpired leading up to Trump's election. I especially enjoyed the perspective Tur brings to the crowds at Trump rally's and how his unbelievable victory in 2016 was perhaps not that unbelievable to those, like Tur, who had been living amongst Trump rallies for over a year. 

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