Texas GOP Seeking Spring Interns

Below find a cut and paste of a recent email seeking candidates for internships with the Texas GOP.

Interns needed.png


Dear Texas Republican,

We all know that if we fail to reach the next generation with Republican principles, we lose the Texas we love. That’s why I’m reaching out to you for help.

One way that I connect with young people is through the RPT internship program. Our interns are a vital part of our work at our Austin headquarters and at regional centers in Dallas, Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, and remotely. The Party thrives on the assistance of college students who volunteer their time in exchange for learning Party process, honing office skills, and gaining valuable political experience.

I’m looking for capable college-age individuals who’d like to join our team as interns. Do you know someone who might be interested?

Interns work with staff on projects such as engagement, communications, fundraising, data, polling, policy implementation, event planning, and community outreach. Many receive college credit for their work. Our interns consistently comment on how much value they receive in their time with us.

Will you forward this email to anyone who needs to know about this opportunity?

Here’s what previous interns have to say:

“Interning at the Republican Party of Texas was one of the most rewarding things that could have happened to me this summer.” (Mason, Texas State University)

“The Republican Party of Texas allowed me to gain more experience in communications, event planning, and relationship building.” (Josh, University of Texas)

“[The Republican Party] welcomed and helped me to incorporate to this united team. I have worked in a healthy, political environment analyzing and planning events, as well as learning and discussing legislative and statewide issues to promote a better Texas for your future.” (Leonardo)

“Most importantly, I discovered that young people like myself can not only find their place in politics, but also create change within it.” (Marco)

Help us keep Republican values strong in Texas for the generations to come!

For Texas,

Rachel Malone
Operations Director
Republican Party of Texas