Welcome to 2018

22 hours in - 2018 has been fairly good to me. I've watched my kid play superhero all day and the dog is snoring next to me while watching the remains of the college football season. Oh and I'm also completing a little online shopping with some of the gift cards I received for Christmas (thanks Mom!). January can be a pretty abysmal month otherwise so I'm reveling in the final hours of family time and vacation. Although I'll be the first to admit - I need a vacation from my family time. Which means I need to go back to work.

I hope that your holidays were just as relaxing and if you too need a vacation from your kid - I hope tomorrow is absolutely glorious.

Later this week I'll be posting a primo how-to guide on bullet journaling when working around the Texas Capitol, as well as sending out the first newsletter of the year. I'm also working on getting my brain back into gear for gathering and sharing the best headlines and interesting news bits to share in the near future.

In the meantime I think it's worth sharing that Boden is having a sale. Each Boden dress I've owned has been incredibly comfortable and pretty high quality. It's a shop I often forget about but whenever I'm reminded and visit their site - I want every single thing.  Tonight I ordered this Olivia wool dress which I'm incredibly excited about because I believe it will make me appear to have a waist again. It's also available in blue but for me this pink combo will be hard to beat. The reviews say it's a itchy but I'm willing to risk it for the waist.

olivia wool dress boden.jpg

Additionally I've ordered this snazzy dress from Ann Taylor, at 60% off sale but I've already decided that the color will be all wrong for me and it will likely be returned. It was an impulse buy for sure.

gold dress.JPG

And finally, only because this has become a style post, I'll add that I picked up these tortoise earrings at Target before Christmas. They are only $7.99 and I've worn them almost every day. I may go back for a back up pair.

tortoise earrings.jpg
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