WeWork Test Run

we work austin.JPG

After the mouse incident last month, I decided to take the plunge and join WeWork this week. I should immediately note that WeWork hasn't paid or perked me to write this post, I'm just sharing. HOWEVER, the links that I'm using for WeWork will earn me a referral bonus which they offer to all members that refer new customers. 

It's for real my first day - so I'll post an update toward the end of the month to let you know how it has gone. But so far, they've prorated my first month which was great and I trolled this website and found a 20% discount code that actually worked. So far so good. I got in for my first month at $230. I have what they call the "hot desk" plan - meaning you just come in every day and pick a spot to work.

I'm working from the University Park location, which is near UT Campus right off of the dreaded I-35. But there's also an HEB right here and I'm very close to downtown if I need to go in for a meeting or lunch. There is a Congress Avenue location if you'd like to be right in the middle of the action. It's $75 less per month but you'll pay just over $200 more for parking so I opted to stay just out of downtown. There's also a location at the Domain if you're in North Austin.

SO - again I'm new here but here's the lowdown I've collected:

  • Community kitchen, fridge and microwaves for bringing your own lunch. Important because it keeps me from attacking my refrigerator on an hourly basis. Plus you can prep your lunches, label them and bring them for the week. The fridge gets emptied every Friday afternoon.
  • There is an endless flow of coffee, tea and even beer for F-R-E-E. But there's also a little spot to buy drinks and snacks if you need to.
  • You have free parking in a garage and 24/7 access. I don't know what the rules are, but you could seriously park here and walk to football games too - just sayin'.
  • Copies, professional shredding services, printing, scanning, etc. is all available and included.
  • You can use a conference room for an additional charge when needed and they have lots of options. There are also little phone booths to work in, that aren't great if you're claustrophobic but are good options for private phone calls and they are plentiful.
  • The place is very quiet and professional, no one steals your mice and you can get up to go to the restroom without having to ask someone to watch your things. I can't tell you how long I've held it in a busy Starbucks before just to avoid having to pack up all my junk or fear losing a company laptop.
  • Dog friendly! This may be a con to you - but if it is we probably aren't friends. Plus, it doesn't seem abused. It's a Friday and there is only one dog here and he's very well behaved.
  • Just my 2 cents but it's also light and bright with big windows which I enjoy and need for a productive work session.

I'll report back, who knows in three week I may hate it or revert back to my yoga pants, but for now - WeWork University Park is where I'll be parking it Monday - Friday. Come by and say hi.