For the Love of Labor Day... and Fall

Irregardless of anyone's politics, I'm a big fan of the Labor Day holiday. Although never intended to be so, it is the gateway to fall - by far my favorite season Suddenly my devotion to hot chai tea (year round for me!) seems less insane, I get to pull out the tights, boots and overpriced scarves I own and college football gives you something to do every weekend. Herman doesn't even have to win for me to be pleased... but I'm from Alabama after all.

I'll have to put the white jeans away, but hope to be rewarded with fewer folks trying to sell me off the shoulder tops. Sigh. And the crock pot earns a permanent spot on the kitchen counter.

This year I'm very excited to be planning a very quick trip to New York City in October - I love love love New York City and something about it in the fall makes we want to buy school supplies...

and watch You've Got Mail on repeat. Young people, please tell me you've seen this movie.

Because you get sillier posts on the weekends I'm trolling the internet now and thought I'd share some of the highlights. 

  • We have lots of packages flooding in of various tee shirts, hats and other garb we've purchased because the proceeds are going to Hurricane Harvey. Specifically I grabbed this shirt from Fine Southern Gentlemen here in Austin (my husband is napping in it right now), he ordered this one from Howler Bros. also an Austin company, and I'm contemplating an old school Wrangler tee shirt because 100% of their sales goes to Harvey relief this weekend (Update: I have indeed ordered the Wranger tee shirt). I also LOVE this one but at $180 am contemplating whether or not I'm cool enough to pull it off (Update: I'm not.).
  • Milly has a partnership with Girls, Inc. in NYC where they are selling some pretty cute girl power themed shirts. I especially like the ShEO > CEO pouch. The tees are a bit pricey, but 20% goes to support Girls, Inc.
  • Jumpsuits: Yumi Kim is having a Labor Day Sale on Sale, where you can get this jumpsuit for 50% off. Alas, it's not built for ladies shaped like myself - but I think it could be incredibly good looking on the right person and has long sleeves for fall. Reiss has one more likely more suited to my Spanx and I, but at about x5 the cost. And Emerson Fry as this one that a good transition piece into fall, plus removable straps!
  • While we're on Reiss, I've very smitten with these shoes (not available in my size) and the neckline of this dress. I wish I could see what these shoes look like on an actual person.
  • For something a little different in suits I like this Tahari lace one for a winter white look. This cape blazer (who knew?!) pantsuit, also by Tahari could be very cool for a fun but still professional evening out.
  • Did you know that you can shop online at T.J. Maxx now? They have a ruffle front Tahari suit online in black, almost every size, at a great price point. 

If you've come to expect more from me than online clothes shopping and feel let down right now, then I suggest the following:

  • Texas Monthly is revamping it's weekly political newsletter, called the Armadillo. Sign up here. It comes out each Friday morning.
  • One study says women see female lawmakers as more competent and trustworthy. Do you agree?
  • Speaker Straus is donating $100K of his campaign fund to Hurricane Harvey relief, and so is the Lt. Governor. A bold move prompting other lawmakers to follow suit.

Finally, my very first newsletter is coming out on Tuesday morning. It will feature an interview with Austin City Council Member Ellen Troxclair. Did you know she's the youngest women ever elected to the Council?

The piece will be a dual interview with Troxclair and one of her staffers, Catherine Van Arnam. If you want first reading of this piece then sign up for the newsletter. A link is at the bottom of every page on this site. It will post on the site publicly later in the week. But you want to read it first right? So sign up for the newsletter. 

Oh and did I mention, sign up for the newsletter?

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