A Sunday Update

Happy Sunday evening. The husband has gone to bed as he does at 9:58 PM on the dot. The daughter has been trying to match this schedule, but as a team we wrestled her down at about 9:15 PM. Only after skipping the bath, indulging an impromptu pretend picnic in the kitchen floor (stall tactic) and reading 9,382 books. I'm on the couch now, catching up on the Emmy's and trolling the internet - basically reclaiming my time. 

Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback you sent my way after Friday's post on workplace style.   Don't forget to send me recommendations for your favorite fashion bloggers (preferably in Austin!) so that I can reach out them about helping us out with features.

On a related note, I just ordered this ($48) dress from Amazon Style in red. To me it's actually a better looking dupe for this ($615) Self-Portrait dress. I found the recommendation via Kathleen's style blog. Who knew that Amazon had such cute and cheap dresses?! I'll let you guys know what I think about the quality once it arrives. Please note I do not plan to wear this to work - I plan to wear it on an upcoming trip to NYC.

There's a new interview up on both the homepage and the interview tab. Please please please check out what Alyse has to say, leave a comment and let me know what you think! Interviews are by far my favorite things to post on the site - although the "Working It" features are fun too. If you'd like to be featured or have some news to share please let me know.

Here are some more bits from the interwebs that I checked out this weekend:

And hey - don't forget to go read Alyse's interview.

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