First Reading, 2017 vol. 12

Let's dive into it friends. It's only Wednesday.

I haven't gotten a chance to read Hilary's new book - mostly because I'm only on page 450 of the 800 page Hamilton biography. Oh and I'm listening to potty training manuals during my normal audiobook/podcast time. Serenity now.

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  • Bustle has compiled a cheat sheet of HRC's most "powerful" quotes on sexism from the new book. One that resonated with me: "It's not easy to be a woman in politics. That's an understatement. It can be excruciating, humiliating. The moment a woman steps forward and says, 'I'm running for office,' it begins: the analysis of her face, her body, her voice, her demeanor; the diminishment of her stature, her ideas, her accomplishments, her integrity. It can be unbelievably cruel."

  • Vox also has an article highlighting why Secretary Clinton thinks she lost with white women.

In other national girl-power moves:

On mentoring:

In the "no surprises here" category:

  • People has unearthed a survey that finds more young men travel to find "love" (we'll call it) than their female counterparts who travel for independence.

  • I had lunch at Vinaigrette yesterday and despite the departure of the summer burrata salad - it remains a favorite.

  • I'm already trolling the internet for the holidays - because I am crazy. I've purchased this wreath for our front door (less than half the price of this slightly larger one from Williams Sonoma) and am contemplating these holiday cards for my professional contacts. I've also purchased one ice cream cone Halloween costume that needs to be returned, as it did not meet toddler expectations.

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