The Look for Less: Tuckernuck's Tortoise Clutch

tortoise bag.jpeg

I love a good handbag and for me bigger is usually better. My go-to for days at the WeWork or my frequent airport trips is seriously the largest "Neverfull" bag Louis makes. As I've entered my mid-thirties I've also exclusively purchased bags that should last me a lifetime. I use my daughter as an excuse. I tell myself that she will carry my Louis one day and then suddenly it's okay.

I know. You don't have to say it.

Lugging those big bags have made it more enticing than ever to shed the pounds and just carry a clutch when possible and up until now I've only had one clutch - this little straw number that J.Crew doesn't even sell anymore. I probably paid about $15 for it about 6 years ago, at the outlet. It's still pristine and a summer go-to that I've definitely gotten my money's worth from.

Lately I have been on the look out for something fun but a little more fall-like. While browsing Tuckernuck last night I landed on this beauty. Okay - so really I've had my eye on it for awhile but always hesitated at the $125 price tag. After all it's made of "resin" which you and I both know is just a fancy word for plastic.

Enter eBay. I do not normally search eBay for my fashion finds. But something in the back of my mind keeps saying, "it's a plastic purse." Sure enough - I'm pretty sure the EXACT same bag is headed to my home now (from China admittedly) for $27.99.

I love Tuckernuck and hate to out them - but I also felt this was a PSA worthy find. There are definitely scenarios where you truly get what you pay for, but for a plastic purse I'm willing to take the chance.  

P.S. These bamboo clutches are also insanely popular right now, half the price on Amazon with only slight variations. 

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