Finished a Book, Ripped My Shirt, Made it to Boston

Pink Granite is on the up and up and I'm in the process of working on the first e-newsletter. So I have a couple favors to ask of all you dear readers. 1) please use the form at the bottom of the site page to sign up for the monthly newsletter. AND 2) get a friend to do the same! I also have an Instagram set up @pinkgraniteTX and a new LinkedIn group.

I'm in Boston for the NCSL conference right now but here are a few things that have caught my eye while playing on my phone in Lyfts or at baggage claim.

  • I'm a Woman - so shake my hand damn it! via Deadspin.
  • Oh and don't ask me out via LinkedIn either. 
  • What U.S. Senator Kamala Harris' critics don't understand about female politicians, via Bustle. Spoiler alert: "Missteps that might be forgiven (or not even considered missteps) from a white man can be career derailing for anyone else."
  • I think these Blue Border notecards from Dixie Designs are so lovely. A friend of a friend owns the site and I need to just pull the trigger on a set.

In news you don't need to know, I ripped the armpit of my favorite Ann Taylor basic white dress shirt on the plane today (#guns) so I'm in the market for a higher quality version. Ann Mashburn has one that will break my bank so I'm hoping one of you has a suggestion for an alternative. Maybe Brooks Brothers? These used to be my favorite after Oprah gave one away to her audience 734 years ago but after el baby came along I had to take a break from the extra tailored fit.

I also finished reading Alyssa Mastromonoco's
Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? and I'm still absolutely smitten with her self-deprecating humor and realism. If you're a young woman in politics you have to pick it up! It's also a wonderful view into the Obama campaign trail and White House. There were so many great bits of advice but my favorite part may have been when Mastromonoco mentions Obama leaving his office only to find her laying in the floor doing sit-ups. He just said "good for you."  I've read that the book may have been optioned for TV by Mastromonoco's friend Mindy Kaling, no big deal.