First Reading, vol. 10


I've made a few updates to my previous post on ways to help after Hurricane Harvey so go check it out. But honestly at this point no one needs to get that information from me.  I know I personally feel inundated with news, images and social media posts telling me how to help. But at the same time I can't get enough, and felt like I had to help in some way, including posting that list.

Honestly, I know I'll never be able to do enough, so I just soak it all in as fast as I can - pass on as much as possible and do everything that I can. I'm giving the cash, buying the tee shirts and cannot wait to get home and make a few welcome kits - I've been in Denver for a couple of days for work and it even feels strange being away from Texas.

The good news is - Sandra's giving $1 million, Trump is giving $1 million, Whataburger is giving $2 million, the Astros, Rockets and Texans are all giving MILLIONS. Good stuff friends. Keep it coming, even if you're like me and your donation only has one or two zeros on the end. Do what you can, but do something.

Now - for a brief moment - let's consider other things from the internet.

  • State Representative Jodie Laubenberg has announced she will not seek reelection next year. She's the 2nd House member to announce this week, and the 1st women that has announced her retirement from the Texas House.
  • According to Newsweek, These Women Could Beat Trump in 2020 and as a result they are coming under fire. Note: this list features only female democratic Senators.
  • The White House is ending the use of a form to collect data on pay, gender, race, etc. Supposedly Ivanka supports the move, and that's the headline.
  • Quartz offers advice for men looking to support women in their workplaces courtesy of Sheryl Sandberg. And then they suggested that the Rock should run for President...
  • Speaking of celebrities, Dan Ozzi of Vice, suggests not so subtly that Taylor Swift just sit this year out. Warning, if you heart T.S. it's a harsh critique.
  • And while we're on the topic, Lady Gaga on Pop, Politics and the Power of Women, via Glamour.
  • And finally - do you think it's sexist to talk about FLOTUS' heels before boarding AF1 to Texas? The Washington Post says it's not. I would actually agree it isn't sexist. Oh, and who cares?