How to Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors

Steve Gonzales / Houston Chronicle

Steve Gonzales / Houston Chronicle

For those of us in Central Texas today, it's a very weird day. Most are on a delayed school start but as of 9 AM things will be relatively back to normal. Rainy, but work, school and the everyday life will continue on. The grocery stores are humming right along, getting gas isn't an issue - oh and my living room does have 4 feet of water in it. 

We have so many friends and family along the coast and I desperately wish now that I had forced some of them into our guest bedroom this week. Now, like many of you I'm just looking for any way that I can help. Here's what I've found an may continue to update throughout the week.

  • If you're in Austin make a welcome kit for a family seeking shelter in our City.

  • Donate to the American Red Cross here. Update: If you prefer to by actual items, consider giving through the Red Cross's Hurricane Harvey wish list on Amazon. Stuff goes fast because so many are giving, but they update it regularly.

  • Donate blood at We are Blood or any center or hospital near you.

  • Airbnb is matching free rooms with those in need. Learn more here.

  • Donate to the newly formed Rebuild Texas Fund here.

  • The Houston Press has compiled a list of food banks and how to help.

  • The SPCA is raising funds for homeless pets after the storm. We adopted our sweet Lucy after Hurricane Ike hit Houston in 2008. She was a tiny puppy and found running through a flooded field with a collar but no chip or tags!

  • This weekend was a great opportunity for me to clean out my closets. The guest bedroom was getting out of control! I rounded up a trunk full of goodies, including blankets, pillows and housewares that we forgot we even had and donated them this morning after dropping my peanut off at school. The Hope Family Thrift Store here in town supports the Austin Disaster Relief Network.

  • I just learned that most rescue efforts don't include the donation of diapers. Of course this makes my little ovaries ache and I had to make a donation to the Texas Diaper Bank. They are accepting Harvey donations in person in San Antonio, but I elected to make a cash donation online instead. The Austin Diaper Bank also does great work and accepts donations year round.

Learn more by reading these round ups from Texas Monthly, Vox, NPR, New York Times and Slate and really anywhere on the internet right now.

If you're into fundraising while you shop, consider:the

Please comment below if you have additions to the list!