Things That I've Bought and Liked

I'm pretty sure this is what Mindy Kaling used to call shopping posts on her old and wonderfully hilarious blog "things that I bought and I like..." or something like that. No perks, no paid advertising here - it's just pouring out, the baby and dogs are asleep and the husband is watching golf. So you're getting this...

  • From Ann Taylor, this polka dot dress feels so summery and light. I've worn it to a casual evening reception on a work trip as well as for our family photos on the beach last weekend. Tiered ruffles have never been my thing, but I've been on a kick lately of trying on things in the store that I normally would not - and here it paid off. I bought it and this black puff sleeve dress on a Friday $50 off all dresses sale. The black dress is so comfortable, I swear it feels like jammies. I wish it was lined but for the $48 I paid I suppose I can't be too picky. It also makes it more breathable in the Austin heat. So far I've worn it to a couple of work lunches and it's a winner.

  • Also from Ann - I purchased this cascade ruffled top. It's pretty thin, so wear it with nude undergarments. I like to wear it half tucked in in the front like a cool girl and with this top that looks easy to pull off since it's very fluttery. Great with jeans.

  • An Hermes scarf. I know guys. It's frivolous but I'm a grown up lady and decided that it was time. In a moment of "weekend in New York" frivilosity I splurged on the Flowers of South Africa design and don't regret it.

  • Finally, I just grabbed a tan schoolboy blazer from the J.Crew Mercantile store for 30% plus an additional 20% off with those stamp cards they give you. Haven't worn it yet but am pretty sure it will be a fall staple. Also snagged these sunglasses for under $10 in store. I have a 2 year old so I can't have nice sunglasses right now - I'm pretty sure she's stolen my last two pairs.

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