First Reading, 2017 vol. 9


First and foremost - if you're in the path of hurricane Harvey please stay safe this weekend. If you're interested and able to lend a hand this weekend visit the Central & South Texas Red Cross to learn more.

I'm working in a coffee shop where some guy sitting next to me thought it would be hilarious to steal my mouse when I wasn't looking. Dear sweet baby Jesus, I need an office. I'm checking out WeWork this afternoon and may just take the plunge. More on that later.

In the meantime, I'm getting back to paying the bills - but here's what I've bookmarked this week.

  • Allure on the wellness addiction of millennial women. For the record this is technically me, but you will never see me with a green drink - unless it's a margarita.

  • Annie's List sees surge of women mulling campaigns, via the San Antonio Express News.

  • Curbed's take on gender equality in major cities' elected representatives. In summary, there aren't enough women and definitely not enough women of color. Except maybe in California.

  • Did you know that at least 3,586 women campaigned for elected positions in the half-century before 1920 (the year MOST women were granted the right to vote). I was so surprised. Read more via Time Magazine.

  • Maxine Waters on reclaiming her time and the burden of the "strong black woman" via the Washington Post.

  • One woman's critical take on Tina Fey's "sheetcaking" bit, via The Chicago Tribune.

  • Teen Vogue (yes, Teen Vogue) on the historical role of women in the white supremacy movement.

  • A fascinating look at how your ambiguous name may help you land that interview or even a seat on the South Carolina judicial bench, via the Financial Times.