Special Session is Over and I'm Headed to the Beach

Pulled from Speaker Straus' Facebook Profile

Pulled from Speaker Straus' Facebook Profile

This week ya'll...

There is nothing I can say. Obama (via Mandela) got it so, so right.

Everything I could post here seems silly and unnecessary after the week we've all had. I'm not prepared to start a debate on this space, I'm hardly a qualified moderator. But please don't interpret that as anything other than another human being processing the current state of the world, just as I'm sure you are doing this week. 

In related news, President Trump has an interim Communications Director. Click the link to learn more about Hope Hicks in a slightly dated Politico article I found fascinating. Here's another article from Town & Country Magazine, posted today.

In Pink Granite updates, earlier this week I posted an interview with Susan Patten. Please check it out - she has great advice for seeking out mentors, remaining credible and even knowing when it's time to move on (gasp!) I've also added some September events to the calendar.

The Texas legislature adjourned its special session sine die yesterday. As a result I imagine you won't read this until at least September - when you finally put down the margarita and return to your desk.

So far Senate leadership is predictably unhappy with where the Governor's call fell short, most House leaders seem satisfied, the Speaker is preparing to defend not only his position but the very process of how he's elected, and the Governor's office is keeping it relatively together - saying Texas is better off than before the special session. You can read a recent statement from the Speaker above. Oh and Senator Zaffirini cast her 60,000 consecutive vote!

It's late and I'm off to Port A for the weekend to regroup and just be thankful. I hope you'll be able to do the same in whatever way works for you.