Privacy or Discrimination? Women Take Center Stage in Dueling Press Releases on Bathroom Bill

Earlier this week two press releases were issued, each highlighting the position of women on the now (in)famous Texas "bathroom bill." You can't escape the issue if you're connected to Texas. I've been in Boston all week for the NCSL conference and upon meeting someone from out of state it takes approximately 3.4 seconds for he, she or them to bring up the issue. As I type this on the Acela to NYC (woot!) I am slightly concerned that someone will discover I'm even typing about all of this and come start a conversation about it.

No one pays me to lobby this issue and fewer people care what I really think on the matter, so I want to get back to these press releases. On August 8th two prominent groups in the debate, Texas Values and Keep Texas Open for Business each issued press releases focused on the opinion of the female demographic (please note that I did NOT say special interest).  

If you're in favor of the bill you point to women as supporters, citing fear for your own privacy and safety in restrooms and locker rooms - the safety of your children. If you oppose the legislation you also look to women to make the case for you, making the privacy concerns a non-issue, explaining the inconvenience or even fear created by having to send your male child into a men's room alone.  You guys are smart and you get the idea.

With a week left of the special session, women on both sides of the issue are pushing for their own brand of support as women because as we all know, and legislators know,  women care and women vote. 

Read the Texas Values release here.

Read the Keep Texas Open for Business release here.

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