Tiny Boxwoods Austin Begins Lunch Service

As someone who resides in central Austin but outside of downtown I am constantly on the look out for go-to business lunch options closer to my home (which also happens to be my office). Slowly but surely classy joints are coming my way. Smaller crowds, fewer suits and free parking will always be my jam.

Today, I met a colleague at Tiny Boxwoods Austin and it checked every box on my list. The light and bright atmosphere is casual and inviting with shiplap for days, but it stays on the right side of feminine to make it perfect for meeting anyone at anytime.

Additionally the service is stellar, the food delicious and it won't break my expense budget. I put the $2.50 chocolate chip cookies to go on my personal credit card BTW.

Try the salmon provencal for $18.00 and call me if you need a date.