First Reading, vol. 6

Just a reminder that the conference room needs to be booked in advance if you plan to use it for an emotional breakdown.
  • Why Aren't More Texas Democrats Running for Office at the State Level? via the Texas Observer.
  • While the Presidential glass ceiling remains in tact, the Higher Heights leadership fund just issued a report suggesting that African American women made gains in 2016 - let's hope that continues into 2017. via the Washington Post.
  • According to Politico, Women are the Survivors in Trump's White House.
  • Have you ever been bullied by another woman at work? The Atlantic takes a look. I'm fortunate to say I haven't experienced this first hand but perhaps life is different in large law firms?
  • An oldie but a goodie - have you ever cried at work? Earlier this year NBC online took a look at when it's okay and when it isn't. Admission: I cried at an old job after giving what I determined to be a perfectly horrible performance in my first big committee testimony (I cried in my office NOT in the hearing room!) - the mixture of disappointment in myself and embarrassment from the tears in front of my boss made me more determined than ever to turn that s*#! around.
  • Speaking of embarrassment, I just realized that people can follow you and Spotify and see what you've recently listened to.  Please don't judge my mutual love for both Kendrick Lamar AND Rod Stewart. 
  • About 2 weeks ago I started an Instagram account for PINK GRANITE, be sure to follow along @pinkgranitetx. Also - the first newsletter will be coming out soon, so scroll down and sign up if you'd like to be in the know.
Amy Whited