First Reading, vol. 5

  • It's been 25 years since "The Year of the Woman" - what's changed? via the Boston Globe.
  • 2 GOP women make their voices known on healthcare, an analysis of the recent ACA repeal votes by Senators Collins and Murkowski, via the LA Times.
  • Nancy Pelosi refers to self as "a master legislator." Makes sense to me - you don't become speaker of the House without skills.
  • Speaking of, an opinion piece on why we need more women in power according to the co-founder of She Should Run.
  • Are two recent resignations in Japan setting women with political aspirations even further back?
  • Dana Perino's advice for new White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (thankfully none of which mention make up artists or curling irons!) via Fox News.
  • Want a primo view of the August 21st Solar Eclipse? Southwest Airlines is offering flights from Denver (among others) to give you a front seat view featuring "Cosmic Cocktails" via Austin 360.
  • Reiss just posted its new arrivals online and I'm seriously considering these Bardot Snakeprint Pumps to add a little flair to my plain black suit game. I also think this Indis Dress in Navy is very smart looking.
  • Tom Herman wants to renew the rivalry between Texas and Texas A&M. What say you?