An Inexpensive Floral Midi Dress You Need

This is where that promise of a touch of "frivolous" comes in...

Adelante Boutique, which is entirely too close to my home, has some great new arrivals which are perfect for late summer and Austin fall. Today I snagged this Ellison midi dress for just over $50 (among other more weekend appropriate items).

It's super comfortable with an elastic waistband, breezy because of a buttoned front and sheer sleeves - with just the right number of ruffles. They had lots of sizes in stock just so you know.

Plus - the salesperson told me that on Saturday half of the store is going to be burnt orange! So all you UT grads can go stock up for football season. Hook 'em.

P.S. Not paid or perked in any way for this post, seriously bought the dress and am just very, very pleased.

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