iPhone Cases for Professional Women

Who knew finding a professional-looking but not boring cell phone case would be such a challenge? I recently purchased an iPhone 7 plus and adding the larger sized phone to my technology hoard made the search that much harder - there don't seem to be as many options for us plus users.

All I wanted was something that was classy but not boring or too masculine. Definitely nothing pink or with glitter on it - not that I'm innocent, I've been there and done that with this ban.do case.

Also, because of the larger size, for some reason I feel like I need a folio style cover to my phone which also limited my options. Talk about first world problems.

After much scouring of the interwebs and driving to Best Buy, Target and Staples I landed on this Nomad folio which is actually a little masculine. However, it matches my brown leather bag and the folio protects my screen, includes space for cash and cards, and because this is my personal phone keeps my incoming notifications private if left on a desk or table in a meeting.

Here's a gallery of other cases I checked out and approve of - in case you're in the market as well. Unfortunately, some are not available for the plus phones but I didn't want to discriminate against those still able to see a tiny screen. 

  • The Nomad case I purchased and have thus far been happy with - only 1 week in!
  • A Ted Baker case that has rose gold trim which is a little fun, and also comes in a variety of colors. Plus the inside cover has a mirror so you don't have to do that weird selfie camera view to check out your makeup.
  • The orange one below is from Mark and Graham and also comes in a variety of colors. Orange would never be my first choice, but in Austin orange is always okay. Plus the gold monogram option is very classy. The site also sells matching pouches for your earbuds and chargers.
  • The tortoise case is a very affordable and classic option - you should know tortoise is a neutral in my book. I would have ordered this case from Etsy if it had an option with a cover.
  • Silvery grey reptile is always cool and edgy while also blending in.
  • Sorry guys, but I had to do this. The Louis Vuitton demier cover is bank at about $300 before tax and screams that one has too much money. However, it will always be in style and isn't too fussy for a luxury item (unlike the LV trunk cases which range from $1-5K, which is dumb, unless Louis is reading and wants to send me one!). I seriously considered the splurge, but with the rate that phone styles change I couldn't do it - I only spend Louis money on things I can give my daughter one day.  This is unlike to fit an iPhone 19 or whatever she'll have!
  • Finally, the Smathers and Branson Needlepoint Texas case will always be a good idea!

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