First Reading, 2017 vol. 3

  • People Magazine's interview with Cecile Richards. She's making pie in the photo shoot which I have mixed feelings about. But no one asked me.

  • What former N.C. State Representative Deborah Ross won from losing her run for U.S. Senate via Glamour.

  • Ever needed help making small talk? Sometimes it's exhausting right? Here are some tips via GirlBoss.

  • Joe Biden is coming to Austin's Paramount Theater on December 8th. Get your tickets here.

  • Caroline Paul on how to raise brave girls - advice I need to take to heart as well.

  • This is old - but how wrong did Ashton Kutcher get his live chat on gender bias when he opened with the question "What are the rules for flirting at work?" Palm to forehead.

  • Houston's Diversity is America's Future, photography by Alex Webb, via the Pacific Standard.

  • Tips for how to get stuff done, via the New York Times. I also recommend this book by Steven Pressfield, best advice ever. Just do the work.

  • Macy's is also having a big sale on suits - get yours here.

In other news, the Texas Legislature is back in the swing of things with a special session. Are you "20 for 20" or "Sunset and Sine Die?".

I'll be traveling to the ALEC conference in Denver this week to touch base with legislators and staffers from the not-Texas states I work in. I was looking forward to a brief break from the heat - but it looks like it will be in the 90's in Colorado too. Sigh.