First Reading, vol. 1


If you're resisting your Monday morning workflow - consider procrastinating with the following bits from the internet.

  • Have you seen Houstonia's feature on Rep. Sarah Davis? It's well worth a gander.
  • An oldie but goodie here on where to find the best Taco's in Texas. Rumor has it these guys are shooting a TV pilot! 
  • Have you ever wondered how Doug Stamper spends his Sunday afternoon? the New York Times has you covered (from earlier this month). 
  • The new chairman of the Texas GOP has sent letters to the Legislature's leadership illustrating how the Governor's call for a special session aligns with the State GOP platform. Read the letters in full here.
  • Alternatively, if you're interested in cooking your way to political change in our big red state, consider pre-ordering Feed the Resistance, a portion of these cookbook sales will support the ACLU.
  • After many weeks of searching for a proper replacement for my favorite Ann Taylor tan suede sandals, I finally found a great option at the J.Crew Mercantile store here in Austin. They are 50% off in store and I love how the covered heel and slight wedge make them an even better option for professional events than my current favorites. I also tried on these, for wearing with casual summer dresses but they were wretched to wear due to the basket weaving over the toes, these are also a nice ladylike option for those needing a go-to black flat.
  • And finally, a big 'ole high five to Renee Rabinowitz for standing her ground against gender discrimination after SHE was asked to move seats because a male passenger wasn't comfortable sitting next to a woman - and another high five to an Israeli court for agreeing with her that it was wrong.  Read the full article from the New York Times here.