It's 104 Degrees and My Vacation Just Got Cancelled

Welcome to a post 85th Regular Session, pre-85th Special Session experiment. My e-mail, phone and LinkedIn page have been getting some serious love lately from friends and acquaintances that are either experienced professionals looking to relocate to Texas or locals looking to become more involved in Texas advocacy. And who’s to blame anyone - there is plenty of work to go around in Texas politics, and the circus is coming back to town in just a few short weeks.

On July 18th the Texas Legislature will begin its 2nd session of the year, with an ambitious list of 20 items to tackle per Governor Abbott’s request. You can read all about the upcoming Special Session by visiting the Texas Tribune.

Those of you who have known me for more than 3 years know that I’m a recovering blogger of the DIY kind.  It took a few years to realize that I was no Martha Stewart or Bob Vila. If you’re Googling “Bob Vila” on your phone right now, you’re probably too young to be my friend in real life. But don’t worry – this website could still be for you.

Government affairs and political work is an incredibly relationship based business. If you miss an election cycle or pack up your Subaru and move across the country to follow your spouse's career - you definitely put yourself at risk of starting over with lower pay, fewer contacts and zero influence.  Add to that the struggles of being a woman in a male-dominated profession (that's right I'm throwing it out there in the very first post), the struggle can be real ya'll.

As I’ve been responding to messages and talking to friends about my experience moving from state to state and somehow managing to actually advance my career in government relations – I’ve started thinking that I may have a valuable perspective to share.

So here I am, back in the potentially-dying blogosphere, eager to collect information that might be useful to the Texas ladies just like me 5, 10 or (gulp) even 15 years ago. Please note this isn’t going to be a political commentary blog, Texas Capitol gossip rag or even cutting edge journalism.  Sister's got a day job.

But please DO let me know if you have a networking event coming up, have built a fantastic career we can discuss online, or have found the most comfortable 2.5” heel known to womankind. That's information this girl can use.

So cheers to our first post together! Here’s hoping PINK GRANITE will become your field guide to working in and around the Texas Capitol.