First Reading, 2017 vol. 14

How many First Readings can I post post before the volume number is too high? Fourteen seems high.

Anyhoo... there's lots of news to share and I'm traveling for work which means I have no kid, husband or distractions from posting around. I've found I save my face masks, pore strips and blog posting for after 10 PM in hotel rooms. It's an exciting life I lead.

Theodore Melfi's    Twitter Account

Theodore Melfi's Twitter Account

Here's the best of the webs for our purposes:

  • Representative Dawnna Dukes is blaming two other female representatives from her delegation for working against her during her recent legal troubles. Read via the Austin American Statesman.

  • Will America ever have a female President? 20 different views via Politico Magazine.

  • Lego's Women of NASA toys skyrocket to best seller list on Amazon, via CNN. In related news, these girls won Halloween.

  • Women Flood the Ballot one year after Trump, via Refinery 29. Similar from yes! Magazine and on Vox.

  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand encourages women to run for office, via Harpers Bazaar.

  • Forbes List of the most powerful women in the world. Spoiler - 36 year old Ivanka Trump is the 6th most powerful woman in global politics.

  • The Texas Tribune's video on GOP Women and Trump at the recent TFRW Annual Meeting.

  • Cosmopolitan on why U.S. Senate Candidate Roy Moore will be awful for anyone who doesn't look just like him. Full disclosure - I'm an Alabamian and the first state-wide campaign I worked on was against this guy - that was 11 years ago.

  • Also catching my eye on Cosmo - Who is Julia Hahn? Steve Bannon's young female protege working in the White House.

  • Finally - the flip off heard around the world. Then she was fired. Via the Cut.

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