What Is (and Definitely Isn't) On My Holiday Wish List

Alabama's Roy Moore co-authored a legal text book that states that women should not be permitted to run for office and allegedly questions the voting rights of women altogether. So there's that.  Read more here.

The fact that the content of this book has just come to light gives me hope that not that many people have read it until now. I'd love to take a gander but I refuse to send a penny to whoever is on the other end of my Amazon cart on this one. I didn't even use an Amazon affiliate link on that one - because I don't even want the quarter that Amazon may send me if one of you guys buy it.

Now to just a few things that I have recently paid money for or would like someone else to spend money on, on my behalf.

commute clutch.jpg

I just purchased myself this Commute Clutch from Mark and Graham and I've been exceedingly pleased with the quality of the leather, pockets and general usefulness. It perfectly fits my phone, ipad, credit cards, parking cards, business cards, ipad cords and headphones, etcetera all in a beautiful and professional looking pouch. Plus it fits into my larger carry on bag very nicely and keep le junk organized. I had mine monogrammed with an AW - because I am from Alabama and I monogram anything that's not moving.

what can i bring.png

Even though the internet makes them obsolete I still love a good cookbook. I ask for one every Christmas, and this year I decided on What Can I Bring? I can't wait to give it a try. I've also asked for this wooden recipe box because I love the idea of passing it on to my daughter one day full of all of my stained, well-loved recipe cards.

cookies 2.JPG

While we're on recipes - I will never be above the gift of food for Christmas. Frozen cookie dough from Tiny Boxwood's tops that list this year. However, I love it all. Giant tins of popcorn no one household can finish? Send it my way. Pears? Keep 'em coming (Did you ever see this?). I love it all.

bon iver.jpg

Concert tickets are always a good idea in the Whited household. This year I've made it pretty well known that I expect to be present at one of the many Bon Iver shows coming up in January. If you've got a pair to sell let me know - I'll send you Santa's cell number.