First Reading, 2017 vol. 15

What can we even say friends? I saw a little meme on Instagram tonight that said once all the groper's are brought into the light there will be no one left to run the world but women. I don't believe we are quite there, but it certainly seems that way in the current news cycle! Have you seen the episode of Good News where Tina Fey starts harassing her male subordinates in an attempt to be fired and given a "golden parachute" like her male counterparts. So funny you can watch it here. 

tina fey.jpg

In personal news, my life has become this every single night. Mommas get it.

I've become way too interested in this site which shows you what your favorite characters are wearing. I'm about $5,000 away from being the next Olivia Pope.

And I've been binge watching old episodes of Once Upon a Time which makes no sense, because it's pretty ridiculous.

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