Working It: Senator Donna Campbell Receives Top Legislative Award from Texas Alliance for Life

Senator Donna Campbell, via Twitter

Senator Donna Campbell, via Twitter

Last week, physician and State Senator Donna Campbell received the Texas Alliance for Life's top honor. She was awarded the "Courageous Defense of Life" award for her work in authoring and passing pro-life legislation this year.

Senator Campbell was recognized for championing three pro-life bills during the 85th Legislature with two of them ultimately passing into state law. Senate Bill 8, which she coauthored with Sen. Charles Schwertner, ends dismemberment abortions, adds requirements for the disposition of fetal tissue remains, and bans the sale or donation of baby parts from abortions. She also sponsored House Bill 13, which Governor Abbott signed into law during the special session and requires facilities that treat complications from abortions to report them to state health authorities in a timely manner.

This is the third time that Sen. Campbell has received this award.

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