The World Turned Upside Down

Today Joe Straus broke the #txlege internets when he announced that he would not seek re-election in 2018. Some are declaring that the revolution has begun, others that he'll make a great Governor, and others are already running to replace him.

We know that Chairman King and Chairman Zerwas both want the job. Chairman Geren does NOT want the job, and rest of us are grabbing our popcorn a la M.J.


Yes, I know, if you follow me on social media you've seen this GIF about three other times today.

And in other news you need to know:

  • Have you heard of the campaign shuffle? The Houston Chronicle explains it to us.
  • The Hill discusses "Rampant" sexual harassment in state Capitols.
  • Not only may my companion pass soon get the family to Hawaii - but Southwest also touted it's first "unmanned" (meaning all-lady) flight last week from STL-SFO. What a cute play on words.
  • The Travis County Republican Committee is looking to fill unpaid internships, for either the remainder of fall 2018 or for the Spring of 2018.  If you're interested please email a resume to
  • -ish got real when Kellyanne Conway tweeted that President Trump is "empowering women."
  • British PM Justin Trudeau is raising his children to be Feminists, I hope you are too. And since we're here, lets look back at President Obama's essay on the same topic. 
  • Tips to be better at e-mail. I'm working on #2 specifically. Via Quartz at Work.

Finally, this in case you're confused by my patriotic post title.

Posting has been pretty light lately but I'm slowly crawling out from under a massive pile of real work and a non-profit fundraiser I'm co-chairing this weekend - so thanks for not giving up on me just yet! During my work day if I stumble on a great article to share or something post-worthy I screenshot it until I can sit and write in the evening - even after this post there are several other gems waiting in my phone's PG folder. So stay tuned i've got a few ladies to high five for moving on up in and around the Capitol, some events to add to our calendar and thoughts on the new season of Scandal to share.