Call for Pink Granite Contributors

Good afternoon and a big ol’ Happy Galentine’s Day to all the ladies around the Texas Capitol today. I’m sitting in the Dallas airport at a time I was supposed to have been home for hours, pre-Galentine’s Day Happy Hour, and it’s become abundantly clear that the scheduling and content of something like Pink Granite cannot rest with one galentine alone.

Luckily for me tonight one beautiful goddess, snowflake, princess (insert any other Leslie Knope-ism here) Terri Broussard Williams stepped up tonight to save me.

However me make sure this doesn’t happen again - if you are interested in becoming a Pink Granite Contributor in any way (helping host events, writing blog posts, interviews, social media, etc.) Please let me know.

I’ve even made a handy form below that you can complete! The idea here is that we all have back-up on events and no happy hour suffers because of an airport fire (sigh).

You guys are the best and hope to see you all tonight!

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You Should Be Watching: The Texas Tribune's You Tube Channel

Quick PSA to encourage anyone looking to get a better understanding of current issues but also the general PROCESS at the Capitol (I’m still learning!) to watch the Texas Tribune’s You Tube Channel. Specifically their Under the Dome series breaks down the who what where and why (when possible!) at the big pink dome.

Here’s the latest, regarding how committee assignments are made.

January Was a Tough Year

We’re still 113 days until sine die and things seem to be moving more quickly than in the past. Committees are already in place and budget hearings begin next week. Don’t hold me to it but the biggest issues this session are expected to be property tax bills, school choice and school (gun) safety. Plus everything else you and/or your boss or clients care about.

In a very un-2019 move, the House Republican Caucus floor leadership is comprised of white men. Oh - and once again there is only one woman seated on the caucus policy committee. Thanks to Representative Noble for representing all the ladies.